What is Social Media Marketing?

If you are an average teenager, you might not be aware that beyond the world of chic selfies with many a pout and with tongues sticking out, and kittens and puppies, and a hundred things mushy, the social media has another parallel universe that you are well- connected with, although subconsciously. However, those familiar with the ways of business and brands explore deep into this parallel universe: the world of social media marketing.


Standing on the creamy upper layer of social media marketing, one could say it is an easy process to drive traffic towards a brand through the use of social media platforms, but only when one gets past this definition does the realization dawn that it is not a laid-back task to build a strong online reputation in the social media, and that the idea of doing so is way beyond posting engaging blogs and catchy images. The focus of the entire process is on making the presence of your brand being felt, with its impression dominating others who are engaged with the similar world.
Achieving such a reputation requires certain key factors with homogeneity and consistency being some of the significant ones. But before any of that, your profiles need to set a mood around itself, giving the slightest, yet clear hint of the idea behind what your brand stands for, i.e. what temper will your brand’s social profiles reflect in its posts? Is your mood humorous, or is it grave or informative? – This is what the brand’s profiles should be able to answer without being too puzzling for its followers. Once the mood is set, the posts that follow each other should be in harmony to the established temper of the brand without wandering into random directions while your followers desperately try to figure out what your brand stands for before finally giving up on it. That is homogeneity.

Consistency is yet another key element in social media marketing. A brand’s social profile in any platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, must never stop reaching out to its followers. A block in this communication can cause setbacks in the brand’s journey to build a strong online reputation. A word not uttered for a long time in your social profile can account for your disappearance from your followers’ minds; something that a progressive leader would never want.

Having said this, there are many other challenges a brand’s social profile can face; with competition from rivals being the most significant one. Your brand’s profiles must have a uniqueness in the communication they make with their followers, something that will give you an edge over being identified differently among many others; a wit that will make the millions flooding social media platforms every hour, every minute stop and engage with you, even if it is for a mere minute. Your idea is what your brand’s profiles need to win them in a minute. Aim high before you are scrolled away into oblivion.

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